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Interdisciplinary Summer School 2022

EPIGRAPHY between Cultural History and Digital Humanities

01.08.2022 – 05.08.2022

Inscriptions are outstanding historical sources due to their diverse subject matters, the spontaneity of their messages and the fact that the material objects they are inscribed upon often remain in their original places. The shape of the inscriptions is just as varied as their content. The one-week interdsiciplinary summer school Epigraphy between Cultural History and Digital Humanities at LMU Munich presents different texts and text types, adresses methodological issues and develops modes of operation in epigraphic theory and practice.

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Martin Wagendorfer and Dr. Franz-Albrecht Bornschlegel, the summer school is hosted by the ZMR and the Department of Historical Sciences with the Epigraphic Research and Documentation Center of the LMU. In individual sessions on different epigraphic fields of research – antique roman epigraphy, runic sciences, Jewish epigraphy and medieval and early modern epigraphy – the event provides insights into current and particularly important research fields of epigraphy. The selected lectures on inscriptions from late antiquity to the Reformation are supplemented by practical exercises.

All sessions will be held in German.

The summer school's program is available for download here (pdf/German).

You can find more detailed information on the modalities of participation and on the organization of the summer school on the website of the Department of Historical Sciences (in German).