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E-Mail Distribution List "600bis1600"

General Information

The email-distribution-list "600bis1600" serves the people who are affiliated to or interested in the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (ZMR) to exchange and distribute information, announcements, questions, answers, etc. which are in some way connected to or relevant for subjects, texts, artefacts, processes, people and/or institutions of the period from about AD 600 to AD 1600.

Anybody can participate. I.e.: You don't have to be a member of the LMU or the ZMR in order to participate in an active way (via posting) or in a passive way (via reading) or in both ways.

Most of the postings will be in German, but postings in other languages are welcome as well.

The server distributing the postings is run by the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (LRZ).

How to subscribe / unsubscribe to the distribution list

You may manage your subscription via a personal account on

How to post contents

In order to send an e-mail to those subscribed to the list: send your email to


  • You have to be subscribed to be able to send mail via this list.
  • Postings will be sent to the list from those e-mail accounts only, which are subscribed to the list.