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Supervisory Teams

ZMR Doctoral students are supervised by a supervisory team consisting of a principal supervisor and one or more additional supervisors; the principal supervisor has to be a university lecturer at LMU Munich. The principal supervisor has the main supervision responsibility, the other supervisors have an advisory function. At least one member of the supervisory team must be a member of the ZMR.

The supervisory team supervises the academic work but is also the contact person for all aspects of the doctoral student's individual career planning. In addition, all university lecturers of the doctoral program and, if appropriate, other university lecturers involved at the ZMR will be available for specific questions.

At least once a year, the doctoral candidate meets with the members of their supervisory team to report on the status and progress of their doctoral project. The doctoral candidate then receives feedback. This discussion and feedback are based on a concrete work plan and timetable, which is defined by the doctoral candidate and their supervisory team at the beginning of the doctoral program and which can be developed further and modified if necessary.

The structure of the supervision relationship is defined in a written supervision agreement between the supervision team and the doctoral candidate. A template for the supervision agreement can be found here.