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About the Doctoral Program

In a genuinely interdisciplinary design, the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (ZMR) interlinks research and teaching that are carried out at LMU Munich, unparalleled in density and excellence across Germany. This cross-faculty doctoral program gives young academics the opportunity to profit from the interdisciplinary expertise accumulated at the ZMR.

The program aims both at promoting independent research by doctoral students and at creating study and research structures that guarantee exchange amongst doctoral students and continuous supervision by a team of professors. It therefore offers a variety of modules for academic qualification as well as a well-structured supervision concept. It also provides a research environment of flexible management and a combination of individualized modules tailored to the students’ needs. Continuous consultation with mentors and supervisors also ensures the successful completion of dissertation projects within the reasonable timeframe.
In addition to attending research-oriented modules of either an interdisciplinary character or of subject-specific nature, doctoral students are given the opportunity to regularly present and discuss their work.

This allows students to contextualize their research in broader, interdisciplinary contexts right from the beginning and to reflect on them in light of current research questions and approaches.